Sherri-Ann Anderson is proud to provide developmentally appropriate, scientifically accurate, socially relevant  sexuality health education.

So much more than the birds and the bees!


Sherri-Ann works under the umbrella of Claro Family, a sister organization to Claro Learning Centre. With over 20+ years of working with children in a variety of settings, Sherri-Ann is able to provide a balance of tackling serious topics in a way that is informative, fun and lighthearted. Her passion has been to support individuals with diverse disabilities, however, she has an easy-going demeanour that allows her to build rapport quickly with students of all abilities. 


  • Certified Educational Assistant
  • Certified Behaviour Interventionist
  • Certified Sexual Health Educator through Options for Sexual Health
  • CPI - Non-violent Crisis Intervention Certificate
  • Collaborative Problem Solving

I am here to support students and their families with the information, motivation and behavioural skills needed to make healthy decisions.

Conversation starter

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My goal is to make sexual health a conversation that is educational and easy to understand. This is not just the basic sex talk because sexual health includes so much more! Everything in life that defines who we are as girls and boys, men and women. It means talking about families, parenthood, and good decision making, it encompasses sexual knowledge, attitudes, values, and behaviours, it is shaped by culture, history, education, and experiences.

I'm an Opt-certified sexual health educator

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