Student sessions are based on the IMB model; information, motivation and behaviour. They are typically presented in 4 - 6 lessons; once a week or adapted to suit the groups needs. Students are presented with lessons, and activities that promote a positive self-image, healthy decision making and consensual relationships. 


Sessions are based on the learning standards set by the BC Ministry of Education and adapted to accommodate the diverse needs of all students. 

Foundational Skills

  • Reviewing appropriate terminology to identify body parts
  • Reviewing personal safety, consent and ‘trusted adults’
  • Understanding the concepts of Private Versus Public – places/activities/touch
  • The physical, emotional, and social changes of puberty
  • Introduction to Human Reproduction

Supplemental Skills

  • Healthy sexual decision making and reducing risks (pregnancy and STIs)
  • Values clarification, understanding consent, setting boundaries and healthy relationships
  • Sex and the law (including age of consent, sexual assault, sexting, etc)
  • Sexuality and gender
  • Pornography Fantasy vs Reality

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